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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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alert on how low it will go. >> clear skies, light winds, and the snow on the ground. it's already down to 17 at dia and 27 downtown, but 9 at copper mountain. across the state it's getting cold. 3 degrees at leadville. 8 at limon. the skies are clear across the state, but already on the radar the next storm system beginning to move in on the west so for tonight it's going to be a cold one with a few icy spots on the roads, especially bridges and overpasses. warming trend for the weekend, but a new storm system next week. the full forecast in a few. >> do you need to take arapahoe road tonight? too late. it's already shut down beneath i-25, crews working on the bridge demolition, so the road is closed until monday morning. new state rules but a
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today licensing officials announced you can't lose marijuana at any business with a liquor license. liz is live downtown, so if not a bar where would we see the social pot law? >> reporter: imagine marijuana with a pot of coffee, it's not too far from reality. we're here at a restaurant with a liquor license, so it's out of the question, but the owner is interested in it for his other businesses. >> i'd love to create a space for people to enjoy cannabis. >> reporter: this long time denver business owner doesn't see pot of part of his every day business, but a special occasion. >> maybe do one night where it's like comedy and music, cannabis, and have comfortable chairs and places to chill out. >> reporter: the mile high city is getting nationwide attention for approving social marijuana use. headlines say denver is the
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bars. not so fast. this afternoon the state issued new regulations prohibit it is use of marijuana anywhere there's a liquor license. >> that business should be able to allow adults to use cannabis. >> reporter: even if it's a bar? >> i don't see the difference. >> reporter: there's a blow for business owners. just about any business you can think of could apply for a permit to use marijuana like coffee shops, art even a yoga studio. >> something happens to the body when you use marijuana. >> reporter: the owner of rhythm revolution sees how it could effect her business,s but as a mother of two teens she wants to see responsible use. >> probably paired with the yoga or even the bike portion, but it would be paired in a way to enhance the physical experience, the sensory experience of it >> reporter: and business
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be important to train their staff to tell if someone's consumed too much marijuana, another important part of this is working with surrounding neighborhoods to get approval. reporting live, denver 7. >> thanks for that, liz. and marijuana is legal or allowed to be legal in colorado because the federal government is not enforcing the law that bans pot. when president-elect us attorney general pick is on record saying marijuana is dangerous and legal. we took a close look tetrarch transition. >> reporter: senator jeff sessions one of the first big names to come out and support trump, and an immigration hard liner is the president-elect's pick for the top law enforce. officer. before sessions was the us senator, he was the alabama state attorney general and he was denied a federal judgeship in the 80s over allegations he made racist
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is anti-american, and a man testifd in court that sessions called him names and joked about the kk k, saying he was fine with the members until he found out they smoked marijuana. sessions denies all of it. >> i'm not a racist, i support civil rights in my state. >> reporter: the other big pick for trump's national team, kansas congressman mike pompeio to lead the cia. he's a harsh critic of clinton and obama, accusing them of not keeping america safe. in a twist jeb bush tweeted donald trump made a great pick. and mitt romney is rumored to be in the mix for secretary of state, they're meeting this weekend. >> president-elect trump has freed up time to devote to the
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25 million dollars lawsuit over trump university. student that is sued get at least half the money back, and some get it all back. and just in mike pence walks into the broadway show hamilton to boos tonight, and after tonight's performance the cast of hamilton addressed pence calling themselves the diverse america. >> i truly hope the -- we truly hope the show inspired you to hold up our american values an cheering ] >> the actor went on to tell the audience not to boo. he said we don't have to agree, but we all have to live here. the cast of hamilton participated in several democratic fundraisers and held weekly voter registration drives. rtd is dealing with delays that could impact you and your family. some. connections supposed to connect some of our suburbs have been
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station lookalikes a ghost town. no trains, no people. these latest rtd delays could impactum in wheat ridge, aurora, and -- impact people in wheat ridge, aurora, and many communities in between. >> is there an inherent organizational issue leading to the problems? >> no, there's not inherent organizational problems. >> reporter: the troubles involving rtd's rail service are common knowledge. >> going out to the airport they've been having a lot of problems. >> reporter: and the problems are growing. first the new r line. light rail connecting aurora to the tech center won't open this year as planned. broken equipment from switzerland needs to be replaced. the goal is to open in january. and then there's the g line, commuter rail connecting wheat ridge and arvada to union station. testing is on hold. engineers waiting on a software fix torte existing a line to
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service may not start until march, months past the projected start. >> it's a very complicated year. five transit corridors trying to open in one year has never been done before, and now we know why. it's very challenging. and we'd rather do it well and right. >> reporter: for the moment snow will stay on the ticket machine. we pressed rtd for specific start dates. for the moment we're just getting estimates. along 225, 7. >> and we have new numbers tonight showing homelessness is up in the state. more than 10,000 homeless people live in colorado, up 13 percent since last year. only california and washington state saw a bigger increase. a wyoming man pleads guilty to killing his girlfriend's toddler, and authorities still haven't found the body of the 13 month old, even after searching a land fill in colorado earlier this month. the 23-year-old told police he dumped the body in the crash
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counter. the two men from alabama who started a devastating wildfire this summer have to pay for the damage they caused. the cold springs fire destroyed eight home, and the campers responsible are looking at two years of work release and have to repay more than $1 million. he set up a go fund me account for his friend's funeral, but police arrested the man saying she stole the money and spent -- he stole the money and spent part of it on a trip to europe. friends the man that died in a motorcycle crash on memorial day. >> i've seen people do bad things, but never this disrespectful. that's just beyond me. >> the man simulations he left the -- says he left the money under his door mat and someone took it. he faces felony charges. >. a new study finds unusual cancer rate among people that live near the former rocky flats nuclear
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rare. >> they estimate 25 percent of all cases of cancer are classified as rare, and in the study for the 8.8 percent are rare, so it's almost twice as many, so that's unusual. >> metro state integrated health care professor was a lead researcherring in the study, and she says the results are preliminary, and nothing points to a definitive link between the cancer and the radiation. and they're called camper force, colorado seniors traveling in search of work. >> my parents said work hard and you can retire, but that's not true. >> reporter: why they've found the alternativv that retirement. and convicted criminals buying guns. >> if you don't have a serial number nobody knows where the gun came from. >> the loophole allowing them to get around gun laws.
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new at 10:00, this is in the your grand pa's retirementment a growing number of older people in colorado are giving up homes to live on the road and make money. we look at the campussforce. >> we're very thrifty. i think unusually thrifty. >> reporter: as campground hosts at cherry creek state park, judy and her husband bob represent a new kind of retirement. living the dream, full time,
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>> it's like a camp for geezers. >> reporter: at a camp site nearby. >> when i became disabled two years ago i went broke. >> reporter: chris and his wife lee ann also retired in their rv after medical debt forced them into bankruptcy. >> my parents said go to school, work your butt off and you can retire well, that's not true. >> reporter: whether by choice or necessity it's not their parent's retirement. >> it's a ball game than even 20 years aao. >> reporter: she studies retirement at the university of denver, and says the graying campus force embodies the spirit of seniors today. half have mortgage debt and many are postponing retirement. >> it's a way to reduce expenses, unshoulder mortgage debt, engage in your life and build a community and travel with that community. >> reporter: no longer aging in place, many rvers travel to
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work camper news reported 14,000 member, mostly seniors. >> and we have people stop us all the time and say how can we do this? >> reporter: they love to show their space, complete with dishwasher, all the comforts of home. work camping doesn't pay money, but give perks like free hook ups. >> so you're not spending money out of pocket for a place to >> it's my favorite. >> reporter: for this the life is more practically. lee ann now cares for chris full time, and they lost their home after the bankruptcy and now live on social security disability. $1,500 a month. do you worry about the future? >> oh, yes, i do every day. >> reporter: they're not alone. new statistics show most us households are heading for a worse retirement than they had while working because they're not saving enough. >> yeah, we were finding a lot
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little tiny trailers. >> reporter: chris says this is better than the alternative, low income housing, no extra money, and their camper, they have some freedom to travel, see the grandkids. lee ann hopes to supplement by work camping, but we worry about what will happen when they're too old to keep moving. >> worst case scenario is live with one oo the girls, say hey, mom's moving in. >> reporter: retirement on the road less traveled. denver >> so interesting. >. you're sitting on your porch, looking at open space, and then a 32-foot tall wall is built right in front of your view. well that happened to neighbors in greeley, and they're heading to court to get rid of the next door drilling site. >> and we still have a semi truck sitting outside the bedroom idling constantly. >> they're suing the idaho oil
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looking for other sites. no comment tonight from the commission. >. and new tonight a government intelligence report is warning about so-called ghost guns. 80 percent receivers are unfinished semiautomatic rivals popular with gun enthusiast, and also criminals. there's no serial number because the atf doesn't consider the unfinished part a firearm, so no background check. >> last year we got a call from just over the border in yuma for someone wanting to buy five 80 percent lowers. that seemed very strange to us. we refused the order and reported it to the atf. >> lawenforcement has seen hundreds of them heading to mexico to be assembled. and new video tonight.
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francisco, this is fire fighting foam that was pouring out of an airport anger in san jose because of an alarm malfunction. the foam was 10-foot deep. now this genius, come on man, that's a known carcinogen. and today copper opened and tomorrow add breckenridge to the list. reservations are up nearly 15 percent over the same time last year. and we've turned the corner, after a very warm start to the week that peaked on wednesday with 80 degrees. that was the warmest we've ever had so late in the year, and tied the all time record for any day in the month of november, and then the snow, and by today 32 was the high, and we started this morning at 14 degrees, so that's a big
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days. so what happened? here's the jet stream on wednesday. the main jet to the north of us blocking the cold air up into the canada. we were warm and dry. that shifted, and so on thursday cold dropped southward, the storm moved through the area. over the weekend it's going to shift back to the north of us again. not quite as warm as we had earlier this year, but we'll get a warming trend tomorrow and it will continue into sunday. but by monday night into tuesday of next week, rain, and snow colder, but at least cooler weather comes back and we're starting to get the roller coaster ride with the jet, and that's good news because the more active part earn will start to bring us more moisture across the state of colorado. right now in the denver area the skies are clear. 26 downtown, 17 at dia. pressure 30 and falling. wind out of the south southeast at 10 dropping the wind chill down to 5 degrees at dia.
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are 51 and 23, the record 78 and 12 below 0. across the country we're the cold spot right w at 17. check it out. all the other numbers looking a lot warmer, that with a big high pressure cell over us for tonight. yesterday's storm way up in the great lakes, continuing to move away. the next storm still a couple of days away, and so with clear skies tonight it's a chiller, down to 15 at dia. 11 at greeley. 10 at limon. 6 at alamosa. tomorrow we see start out mostly in the teens to around 20 degrees, milder toward the foothills. and during the day a few high clouds at sun rise. most of the day stays mild and quiet and mostly sunny. temperatures are going to bounce back a little bit. 53 for denver, 54 at pueblo. 65 at trinidad, and then snow to melt there -- and no snow to melt there. upper 40s to low 50s, and the metro temperatures with highs in the low to mid-50s under mostly sunny skies, but it will
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overnight tonight, mostly clear. very cold, down to 15 with those winds from the southeast. and then for tomorrow the high will rise to about 53 after the cold morning. a milder afternoon. sunday looking like the pick day with 63, mild, pleasant, we'll give that the bright spot. clouds increase monday ahead of the next storm. not as strong, be it three to six -- but three to six inches of snow for the mountain, and light rain and showers here. clears out for wednesday, look ahead to thanksgivin snow showers, but dry down here and a high of 55. >> this is the first day we really felt cold. >> yes, this half hour is the first time i've taken my big coat off all day. >> big puffy one. >> so do you want like the exact, exact perfect tree this year? right now you can get a permit to cut down your own. it costs $10. you have until wednesday to get a permit for buffalo creek, but
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denver 7 app, and you have to bring your own ax or hand saw to cut down the tree. every friday volunteers gather at schools around the metro area to fill weekend food banks to send home for students in need. the food is distributed by the community food chair program, and food bk of the rockies and for many of the families, this is the most consistent source of food they get during and the students get something out of helping too. >> i think that knowing how to help others and just giving back to other people will really just build your character and benefit you in your future. >> you can help out by donating to the denver 7 holiday heroes campaign. the money you give will be used to purchase food for the program, so you can donate at any area whole foods stores, security service federal credit union locations or do it online
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you also have a chance to winders setter for your family -- win dessert for your family. you can win a free pie from the villaae inn. >> sounds yummy. coming up, the buffs and rams are looking forward to home games sunday for different
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we begin with a question on tonight's episode of spx. what do the rolling stones, elton john, and the colorado state football team have in common? they've all played the stadium in fort collins, and tomorrow the rams tee it up for the last time at the old yard on south overland trail. 49 years csu has called it home. they'll move into the new on campus palace next season, but
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emotional for anyone that's ever put on the green and gold, especially the 16 seniors and their second year head coach. >> the way that i can honor hughes as a head football coach and get them ready to play and play for the 60 minutes, and put together the best ffort of fight and playing for each other and for anybody that's ever mried on that field -- played on that field or anybody that's ever watched a game, everyone hughes. >> there's going to be a huge game in boulder tomorrow as well with the 10th ranked buffaloes taking on number 20 washington state. the cougars are the hottest team in the pac12 these days, winning seven straight, but the buffs are pretty good too, and they're playing with a lot of confidence. >> >. this isn't us getting carried away, but sort of a swagger. you can see it and feel it about how we're carrying ourselves around, and when you go through a couple of seasons or a long period of time where
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everybody, you can feel it. you feel like there's a big cloud over you and feels like definitely that cloud is gone. >> the close games we've been in in the past over the years, they haven't gone our way, but i think it's helped shape us in that it's not going our way in a close game we're not going to back down or be scared, juss continue to play. >> 1:30 kickoff tomorrow in boulder. the nuggets home tonight for what that's center and allowed over 100 points in the losses. that's a lot of numbers. wilson chandler took advantage of the nba's policy on defense optional. this is called coast to coast. he had 14 points in the first half, but then in the second
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floor. and they scored 38 points in the 2nd quarter, up by 7 at the half, but needed overtime, and the nuggets turnovers did them in. the raptors win. and du on the ice against miami ohio. troy terror floor checking and tied at 1. they went to overtime, and then a shoot out, and then the
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so there's no more 7 others or 8 others on the seven-day, but -- 70s and 80s on the seven-
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chance of snow in the mountains tuesday and light rain and snow down here. >> if we really want 70s we can just add up all the temperatures in the seven-day.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the s angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and in you, have mercy -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host short. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too. you know, it was another interesting day in america today.


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